Being vaccinated is ‘part of the job’ for workforce, says care home boss

A care home boss has backed the new mandatory vaccine rules despite them causing her to lose three staff.

Lucy Craig (pictured), who operates three residential and dementia care homes in Newcastle and Northumberland, held meetings with employees ahead of the change and said she was sorry to see a small minority of her staff go.

The managing director of Craig Healthcare, which employs more than 200 staff, said being vaccinated is part of the role of caring for residents.

She said beyond killing vulnerable people, Covid-19 can have lasting implications for dementia patients.

Ms Craig said: “The way the virus has affected the dementia brain is frightening.

“The brain has responded to the virus as though it’s received an injury with surges of cortisol.

“Residents have suffered from psychosis, seizures and hallucinations.

“The vaccine does save lives and also quality of life – something that we haven’t really talked about much.

“I think you must ask yourself ‘why do I work in social care’ and if the answer is to help others and provide the care they need and deserve, then you have to realise that being vaccinated against Covid is part of this and part of the future of social care.”

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