Rudd accused of ‘compounding injustice’ towards Windrush citizens over benefits

Amber Rudd was accused of “compounding and extending the injustice” towards Windrush citizens by a Labour MP after her constituent was denied benefits.

Helen Hayes (Dulwich and West Norwood) said the woman was unable to claim the attendance allowance because she was not in the country during the assessment period.

“The only reason she was not in the country during this time was the illegal action of the British Government,” she told the Commons during Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) questions.

“I’ve been told by the DWP that my constituent must wait until the Windrush compensation scheme is published, and include within her claim the benefits she is due now.”

Ms Hayes (pictured) added: “This is absurd and unacceptable.

“Why is the Secretary of State, who presided over the Windrush Scandal as home secretary, continuing to compound and extend the injustice that Windrush citizens are suffering by failing to put in the support they need to access all of the benefits to which they are entitled?”

Ms Rudd said she wanted to “reassure” the Labour MP that the DWP “do take the issue of making sure the Windrush generation are supported correctly” seriously.

She said the woman in question had received the pension credit she was due, and that officials were working on sorting out her attendance allowance too.

The Cabinet minister said she will write to Ms Hayes “as a matter of urgency” to update her on the case.

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