YouGov poll finds mental health of nearly two thirds impacted by Brexit

More than four in 10 people say that Brexit has impacted on their mental health in the past two years, according to a poll.

And nearly two thirds of voters, 62%, said that the on-going EU withdrawal situation was making them feel unhappy, a YouGov survey for 5 News found.

Brexit has had a large direct impact on the mental health of 11% of people, and a small impact on the mental health of 32%.

The survey found that 10% of voters were feeling happy about Brexit, while 19% said it made no difference to how they feel.

EU withdrawal will generally worsen people’s lives according to 44% of respondents, while 24% said it would generally improve lives, and 15% thought it would make no difference.

Asked if life is generally better or worse now because of how Brexit is happening, 3% said it was generally better, 32% said it was generally worse, and 52% said it made no difference.

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