Webwatch – Capability Scotland

The Scottish charity, Capability Scotland, have recently undergone a re-branding exercise and this has inevitably included their web presence.

Capability’s mission is to transform people’s expectations of what is possible and ensure that disabled people achieve equality. They work with disabled people of all ages and their families and carers throughout Scotland. In addition to providing a range of modern, flexible services they are also a campaigning organisation, committed to using the influence they have to ensure disabled people achieve the same human and civil rights as the rest of society.

Like their new identity, the website looks crisp and clean and at first glance there doesn’t seem to be much going on. However, under the polished veneer, the site is packed with plenty of relevant factsheets, information and advice.

For casual visitors the site provides clear and concise information on the services offered by Capability. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific service or advice on employment opportunities, it’s all very accessible.

For students and professionals, navigating to ‘Advice & Information’ is a must. Areas of interest are then accessible by ‘Key Topic’ eg; Cerebral Palsy, Childcare, Disability Equality & Hate Crime.

For those interested school placements or working in education, there is the pleasant discovery of a dedicated schools microsite. This has detailed information for parents, social workers and students.

Other useful information on less known areas of Capabilities services are also featured. For example, the Equality Unit works with businesses and organisations across Scotland to help them meet their legal obligations under disability legislation and promote best practice in disability equality.

Overall, a very useful resource. www.capability-scotland.org.uk