Webwatch – Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts is a Community Interest Company established in January 2010 by and working in close partnership with the charity Shared Lives Plus, an organisation that promotes the effective provision of accommodation, care and support for vulnerable adults within very small-scale family and community settings.

Community Catalysts works to harness the talents of people and communities to provide imaginative solutions to social issues and care needs, giving them greater choice in the way they live their lives.

Community Catalysts works broadly under the headings of ‘social care’, ‘health care’, ‘community’ and ‘housing’, and tries not to limit its thinking to the conventional. Working with local partners (local authorities, PCTs and other voluntary and private sector organisations), the organisation supports the development of high quality and sustainable local enterprises. It combines a practical approach with an understanding of how its work links with government strategy and policy.

Projects often combine scoping exercises, workshops, practical guidance, the implementation of tried and tested solutions, and hands-on contact with people, wrapped up in a wider package of support and plain English publications. The organisation operates in a number of key areas, including: micro-enterprise, stimulating and supporting new initiatives; quality mark, demonstrating the quality and value of the service others offer; nurturing entrepreneurial achievements; shared lives, helping people who need support live in their community; homeshare, helping people live independently; personalisation in practice; and speakers and facilitators for events. The website details case studies of each of these key areas.

Community Catalysts also offers information and advice to people providing or thinking of providing a service that other people may want to buy. The organisation has a number of opportunities for people interested in working with it, and welcomes potential volunteers and interns.

Visit the Community Catalysts website: http://www.communitycatalysts.co.uk/