Webwatch – Lifetracks

Making that all-important life decision on what career path to follow – whether to go straight into the workforce, or to enter further education or training – can be a daunting one for many young people, especially considering the number of options that are available to them today.

Lifetracks, an initiative set up and run by YouthNet, seeks to empower young people aged 16-25, by providing them with information to make their own life choices. It is an online resource of impartial information and advice about work, study and training, and aims to promote positive outcomes for young people by offering them the tools to make better-informed life choices.

Resources provided include articles, audio and videos on key issues facing young people who are going through the decision making process. The site also provides blogs and discussion boards, and encourages questions that can be submitted online and answered by expert advisors.

From the homepage there are tabs to information on working, learning, and skills and experience. For those interested in working, the site provides information and videos on topics ranging from how to work for yourself, write a CV and complete an application form, to tips on how to approach job interviews, deal with money matters and survive in the world of work.

The learning space offers information and advice for those going into further education or training, and includes details on issues, such as funding options for university, tips for living on a student budget and grants and bursaries. Lifetracks also offers a skills and experience resource that covers topics such as volunteering, gaining work experience and the value of mentoring.

Young people can register for free on the site, set up a blog and make use of their ‘My Lifetracks’ space to network with other young people with similar experiences, interests or challenges.

Visit the website: http://www.lifetracks.com