Webwatch – Scottish Social Networks

A project managed by the charity, Rock Trust, and funded by Communities Scotland, Scottish Social Networks has been created in response to recommendations in the Homelessness Task Force Final Report to raise awareness of the need for positive social networks and to support the development and integration of befriending, mentoring and mediation services for people affected by homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Scottish Social Networks recognises that the correlation between poor social networks and homelessness is direct, but that positive social networks are the foundation for strong, supportive, sustainable communities and a route to preventing not only homelessness, but also isolation and exclusion generally. Malcolm Chisholm, MSP Minister for Communities, has supported this view.

The website will be of use to those interested in homelessness, social inclusion, communities or mental health and wellbeing and/or are involved in mediation, mentoring or befriending. It aims to assist both local authorities and homelessness projects that are required to develop assessments and provision to support social networks.

Scottish Social Networks tackles the question of what social networks are and why they are so important to homeless people. It presents evidence on how positive social networks can prevent and resolve homelessness, break down exclusion and enable the development of sustainable communities; considers measures to build and rebuild social networks, particularly mentoring, befriending and mediation (identified by the Homelessness Task Force as key measures); shares research, best practice and resources from across Europe, the UK and Scotland; and provides a forum for discussion.

News and events on the subject of social networking and homelessness is made available and visitors can register online to receive regular updates and newsletters on what’s been happening and to get involved in discussions. The website also offers a contact search facility, where people can search for key contacts across Scotland working in the areas of mentoring, befriending and mediation.

Visit the website: http://www.scottishsocialnetworks.org