Webwatch – Getting it Right, Assessments for BME Carers and Service Users

Getting it Right, Assessments for Black and Minority Ethnic Carers and Service Users is a new interactive online learning resource produced by IRISS in conjunction with MECOPP.

It introduces the issues affecting minority ethnic carers and service users with an emphasis on achieving cultural competence within individual practice. Although aimed primarily at first year undergraduates, it will be of interest to anyone seeking a better understanding of this topic.

A quiz allows learners to test their knowledge about the size of minority ethnic population in Scotland, its geographic distribution, age range and composition.  An interactive section allows learners to test and develop their understanding of cultural competency.

To help contextualise the learning, two case studies (including video clips) allow the learner to take on the role of a student social worker on placement within a social work/community care practice team. One case concerns a Cantonese man whose wife has dementia, the other a Pakistani woman who has become the carer for her ill mother-in-law.

The resource is suitable for use in the classroom to stimulate group discussion, or educators might ask learners to work through certain sections and report back. Learners may also work in small groups to pool their thoughts and respond to a number of scenarios.

Working through the resource the learner will develop the skills and knowledge to critically examine – from the point of assessment to actual service delivery – how the needs of minority ethnic carers and service users are currently being met.  The resource concludes with an examination of cultural myths and stereotypes regarding ethnic minorities and care.

Getting it Right: www.iriss.org.uk/bme
MECOPP www.mecopp.org.uk