Guidance on Mentoring Your Workforce

Are you an employer or a manager with responsibility for leadership development or developing mentoring services within your organisation?  Or are you interested in enhancing your learning and development and developing your skills by participating in a mentoring scheme?

If so, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) can help with its plan to publish and promote mentoring guidance for the social services workforce.   

The proposed mentoring guidance is one approach that organisations can use to help support and promote professional development and learning.

The guidance will be published online shortly. SSSC also plan to hold two themed leadership events on the subject of mentoring in late February and early March.  These will be publicised shortly.  The guidance aims to promote good practice in mentoring, providing a framework that is designed to be adaptable in a range of contexts and is based on current research and good practice knowledge in mentoring.  The mentoring guidance is not a one-size fits all proposition:  each organisation and the staff who work within it are different.  However, there are elements which are common to all successful programmes.  This guidance focuses on these common elements to help those developing and implementing mentoring programmes to achieve their goals at all stages of the process.  It is designed to help an organisation’s programme to reach its potential and in turn help to support the continuous professional development of its workforce.  Mentoring can support and promote a culture of continuous improvement and facilitate culture change processes and develop and enhance leadership skills across the workforce.

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For information about the guidance for mentoring in the social service workforce and the themed leadership meetings, please contact David Ford at:  [email protected]