Self-directed support is just the same as an outcomes focused approach?

This is the first in a series of round-table discussions that was recorded at the IRISS offices in the busy Merchant City of Glasgow. It forms part of the IRISS Debates project for 2013/14 and brought together individuals from key organisations to discuss the question: ‘Self-directed support is just the same as an outcomes focused approach?’. There was a general consensus on the question but each person had their own take on it. Participants included: Nikki Bruce, Head of Personalisation, Enable Scotland; Anne Connor, Chief Executive, Outside the Box; Colin Millar, Chief Executive, Scottish Personal Assistant Employers’ Network (SPAEN); Yvonne Stewart, Manager, Alzheimer Scotland; Caroline Sturgeon, Workforce Development Advisor, SSSC; Judith Midgley, IRISS Associate, Pilotlight; and June Findlater, Fieldwork Manager, Adult and Older People Services, South Lanarkshire Council.