Journal of Family and Economic Issues

Work-Family Policy Use Related to the Gendered Division of Housework? • How Satisfied are Spouses with their Leisure Time? Evidence from Europe • Marrying, Unmarrying, and Poverty Dynamics among Mothers with Children Living at Home • Price, Restrictions and Abortion Demand • The Significance of Shift Work: Current Status and Future Directions • Women in Business-owning Families: a Comparison of Roles, Responsibilities and Predictors of Family Functionality • Human Capital, Social Support, and Economic Well-being among Rural, Low-income Mothers: A Latent Growth Curve Analysis • The Impact of Socio-economic Status and Mobility on Perceived Family Functioning • Did State Children’s Health Insurance Program Affect Married Women’s Labor Supply? • Depression and Missed Work among Informal Caregivers of Older Individuals with Dementia