Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 61, 5 Madness in the Old Norse Society. Narratives and ideas

Madness in the Old Norse Society. Narratives and ideas • Experiences of stigma among people with severe mental illness. Reliability, acceptability and construct validity of the Swedish versions of two stigma scales measuring devaluation/discrimination and rejection experiences • Multifractal analysis as an aid in the diagnostics of mental disorders • Clinical trial of Rhodiola rosea L. extract SHR-5 in the treatment of mild to moderate depression • EMDR treatment for children with PTSD: Results of a randomized controlled trial • Lobotomy at a state mental hospital in Sweden. A survey of patients operated on during the period 1947-1958 • Mortality, mental disorders and addiction: A 5-year follow-up of 82 homeless men in Stockholm • Intensive treatment models and coercion • Consulting for substance abuse: Mental disorders among adolescents and their parents • Attitudes of general hospital emergency room personnel towards attempted suicide patients • Vulnerability to psychosis increases the risk of depression. Results of the RADEP study