Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 27, 3/4

Christian Fundamentalism and Anti-Oppressive Social Work Pedagogy • Re-Visiting the Use of Behavior Theory in Graduate Education: A Comparative Study of Instructor Feedback on Graduate Student Anxiety • The Use of Feature Films as Teaching Tools in Social Work Education • Engaging Students in Macro Issues Through Community-Based Learning: The Policy, Practice, and Research Sequence • Evidence-Based Curricular Guidelines for Statistical Education in Social Work • Social Work Education: Achieving Transformative Learning Through a Cultural Competence Model for Transformative Education • Enhancing Global Understanding with Study Abroad: Ethically Grounded Approaches to International Learning • Social Work Students’ Experiences and Training Needs After the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks • An Innovative Program in Social Work Education • Process Recording in Supervision of Students Learning to Practice with Children • Including Student Narratives in Teaching • Three Empirical Strategies for Teaching Statistics • Teachers and Field Instructors as Student Role Models: A Neglected Dimension in Social Work Education • The Alternative Lenses of Assessment: Educating Social Workers About Psychopathology • An Exploratory Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Innovative Model for Teaching Multicultural Social Work Education • Switching Hats: Transitioning from the Role of Clinician to the Role of Researcher in Social Work Doctoral Education