International Journal of Drug Policy, 19, 2

* Sex, drugs, and gender? High time for lived experience to inform action * Women, harm reduction and history: Gender perspectives on the emergence of the ‘British System’ of drug control * Intimate partner violence is as important as client violence in increasing street-based female sex workers’ vulnerability to HIV in India * Ladies’ night: Evaluating a drop-in programme for homeless and marginally housed women in San Francisco’s mission district * Young Thai women who use methamphetamine: Intersection of sexual partnerships, drug use, and social networks * Alcohol, cannabis, and methamphetamine use and other risk behaviours among Black and Coloured South African women: A small randomized trial in the Western Cape * Mapping violence and policing as an environmental–structural barrier to health service and syringe availability among substance-using women in street-level sex work * A rapid situation and response assessment of the female regular sex partners of male drug users in South Asia: Factors associated with condom use during the last sexual intercourse * The Cedar Project: A comparison of HIV-related vulnerabilities amongst young Aboriginal women surviving drug use and sex work in two Canadian cities * Different needs: Women’s drug use and treatment in the UK * Serving women who use drugs in Delhi, India: Challenges and achievements