Addiction, 103, 7

* Does alcohol increase the risk of overdose death: the need for a translational approach * Are there genetic influences on addiction: evidence from family, adoption and twin studies * Alcohol measurement methodology in epidemiology: recent advances and opportunities * Cannabis potency and contamination: a review of the literature * Development and psychometric evaluation of a three-dimensional Gambling Motives Questionnaire * Socio-economic status and problem alcohol use: the positive relationship between income and the DSM-IV alcohol abuse diagnosis * Alcohol outlet density and university student drinking: a national study * Alcohol consumption patterns and risk factors among childhood cancer survivors compared to siblings and general population peers * Effects of sample attrition in a longitudinal study of the association between alcohol intake and all-cause mortality * Long-term effects of universal preventive interventions on prescription drug misuse * Methamphetamine suppression and route of administration: precursor regulation impacts on snorting, smoking, swallowing and injecting * Contingency management reduces drug-related human immunodeficiency virus risk behaviors in cocaine-abusing methadone patients * Impulsivity, age of first alcohol use and substance use disorders among male adolescents: a population based casecontrol study * Effects of behavioral intervention on substance use among people living with HIV: the Healthy Living Project randomized controlled study * Evaluating the validities of different DSM-IV-based conceptual constructs of tobacco dependence * A case of heroin overdose reversed by sublingually administered buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone®)