British Journal of Social Work, 38, 2

* Resilience across Cultures * Differential Impacts of Stressful Life Events and Social Support on the Mental Health of Mainland Chinese Immigrant and Local Youth in Hong Kong: A Resilience Perspective * How to be Modern: New Labour’s Neoliberal Modernity and the Change for Children programme * Exploring Potential ‘Extra-Familial’ Child Homicide Assailants in the UK and Estimating their Homicide Rate: Perception of Risk—The Need for Debate * Locus of Control, Coping and Proto Prevention in Child and Family Care * Identity Development and Grieving: The Evolving Processes for Parentally Bereaved Women * Painting the Prison ‘Red’: Constructing and Experiencing Aboriginal Identities in Prison * ‘Anti-Oppressiveness’: Critical Comments on a Discourse and its Context * Using Students’ Written Feedback on ‘Race’ Issues to Enhance Self-Regulated Learning