Report: Digital capabilities for social workers- new stakeholders’ report

Social workers require good digital skills and capabilities to support their complex role.

A wide range of stakeholders – from practitioners and people who use services, to tech developers and educators – have a role to play in supporting the development of digital capabilities.

This report outlines the key messages and findings for social workers and all those stakeholders, based on the initial phase of the Digital capabilities for social workers project delivered by SCIE and BASW. The report aims to share insights with the sector, support debate, and inform the development of the projects’ future resources.

The report is based on a rapid literature review, stakeholder Advisory Group meetings, two workshops attended by over 40 social workers in different roles and seniority, a survey completed by 648 respondents, and interviews with 15 key sector leaders.

The Digital capabilities for social workers project forms part of the Building a digitally ready workforce programme, led by Health Education England.

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Picture (c) SCIE.