Serious Case Review – Becky Watts: Bristol Safeguarding Children Board

Bristol Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) have today (15 March) published the report of a review commissioned following the tragic murder of Becky Watts by her step-brother who, along with his then partner, were convicted of murder and manslaughter respectively and sentenced in November 2015.

The report considers the involvement of professionals who worked with Becky and her immediate family in the three and a half years prior to her death. It does not consider the circumstances in which Becky died or contributory factors related to her step-brother and his partner.

This report found no evidence that the murder could have been predicted or prevented by any professional working with Becky.

Sally Lewis, Independent Chair of the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board, said: “Becky’s death was a most tragic case, the effects of which continue to live with her family and friends. Our thoughts continue to be with those close to her and I wish to thank those family and friends who participated in this review. Their courage to engage with the reviewers and safeguarding professionals ensured that this report is as comprehensive as it could be. I also thank the professionals and agencies who engaged with the review for their professionalism and determination to support this process.

“The Board accepts the findings of the review and I am satisfied that much work has taken place since Becky’s death to address most of the findings identified. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and the need to continually develop practices and policy to meet the ever changing needs of children, young people and adolescents is one that is taken very seriously.”

The full serious case review and responses can be found here: