Consultation: Social Work England – Consultation on secondary legislative framework

Social Work England will be the new professional regulator for social workers in England. It will undertake core regulatory functions including:

  • Setting standards
  • Holding the professional register
  • Approving initial education and training courses for social workers
  • Running a ‘fitness to practise’ system

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 sets out the broad legal framework for Social Work England, but much of the detail of the legal framework is to be set out in regulations. This consultation seeks views on the policy underpinning those regulations, which cover the full range of Social Work England’s regulatory functions.

This consultation seeks views on the:

  • Overall approach to creating a modern, proportionate regulatory framework
  • Specific approach taken in each of the regulatory areas
  • Possible oversight procedures for regulatory rules
  • Likely impacts of the proposed changes

This consultation may be read in parallel with draft illustrative regulations, which set out how the proposals in this consultation document are likely to appear in the legislative framework. We have included indicative provisions to aid the consultation process and indicated in square brackets where further provisions are likely to be added following the consultation. The final regulations will change as a result of the consultation.

Downloads and further information: