Registered manager Linda speaks of her pride at staff going the extra mile during lockdown

Linda Hynd is the registered manager of Sense Scotland’s Tullideph Housing Support and Care at Home Services Team in Dundee, which supports people with learning disabilities, sensory impairments and complex communication needs. Here, she speaks of her pride in the way staff have continued to provide inclusive, quality care and experiences at a time when feelings of isolation could have easily taken hold.

Linda (pictured) explained: “The lockdown has been difficult for the people we support to get used to, with everyone missing their favourite activities, groups and the key people in their lives.

“Staff have gone the extra mile to ensure that the people supported still have real quality from their support. The team has led a ‘courtyard activity planner’ each week, with activities running every morning and evening. We are very lucky to have a shared courtyard and garden space which means we can support activities while maintaining social distancing and following all government advice.

“Each activity is run by one staff member and one supported person. These activities have ensured everyone stays both physically and mentally well and that the skills individuals have developed over the years do not get lost, nor does their enjoyment of their favourite activities that they would usually access in the community.

“The activities have provided social opportunities at a time where individuals could easily feel isolated and have given people a new way to share their hobbies and to try new things. Some of the activities have included boccia, yoga, karaoke, bingo, keep fit, music group, making our own soap, a ‘Bake Off’ competition, Easter egg hunt, outdoor games and races, meditation and painting.

“Two individuals who are big film lovers have really struggled with the closure of the cinemas. Going there was a big part of their weekly routine. Staff set up an outdoor cinema showing of The Greatest Showman on a large projector screen, even supporting people to bring their comfy couches and armchairs outside to enjoy this late-night screening. Popcorn and hot chocolate replicated the cinema experience!

“Staff have also supported individuals to film a video of their experiences to share with friends and family and have even made and buried a time capsule for posterity. They have also consulted with all people supported about what they can do to make their homes more comfortable and personalised, seeing the importance of this now more than ever.

“This has resulted in a significant amount of decorating going on with living rooms being wallpapered, fences and bedrooms being painted and a lot of online shopping! The people we support have taken real pride in this and have been supported throughout to be independent in their choices and the carrying out of the work.

“I am very proud of the team and how hard they have worked during this difficult time.”

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Picture (c) Sense Scotland.