Social Networking Benefits For Stressed Out Social Workers

My research into social networking sites for social workers suffering from or open to stress at work has resulted in a major finding; it can be an appropriate wellbeing stress buster if used wisely.

As a social work professional connecting with family friends and even business colleagues on social networking sites can be a huge stress relieving advantage.

It is a way of reconnecting very quickly and efficiently with people who support you do your job from your own networks, networks which you can build up just to do that.

It can be very frustrating to be working for an organisation that has a policy of not enabling workers to access social networking sites on the company internet.

Social workers have to work long hours with very difficult situations, if they are able to build a supportive circle of friends around them to support them this should be encouraged. However it does need the support of their organisations to be in agreement that this is a worthwhile tool.

The disadvantages
Some social workers may take inappropriate advantage of being able to access social networking sites; they may not get on with their work or they may be running their businesses on company time

The remedy
Organisations can have restricted access at various times say before the working day as a lot of social workers have to come in early to work when the office is quiet, before the phones start to ring and service users come in on duty or for appointments Certain sites or activities can be monitored good policies can be put in place to help workers understand the issues

The advantages
Workers can use social networking as a way to offer support to each other and to relieve the tensions of the day. There are a lot of social workers who are now using these mediums to share information and to offer good and useful information; this also includes Schools of Social Worker and Universities and other statutory social work organisations. Workers can connect with family and friends around the world Workers can arrange their social life and therefore ensure they have good breaks from their caring roles

Finally social workers not allow the process of social networking to give them additional stress. You should continue to make sure you protect yourself on- line; choosing where you go and how long you spend on social networking sites wisely and making sure that you do not break the policies of the agency you work for.

Gradle Gardner Martin is a qualified Trainer and Author practicing for over twenty years in the field of Wellbeing.