How to escape a career-rut in 5 simple steps

There’s no denying that a career change can be hard-going at times but the ultimate pay-off of having a job you love will always far exceed the security of staying stuck in a rut doing what you’ve always done.

However, the problem that stumps most people who want to change career is the step of actually discovering what they would like to do as an alternative. If that sounds like you here’s how to escape your rut…

Ready, Aim, Fire!

There’s really no excuse for staying stuck in a career you don’t enjoy, so if you’re ready and willing to put the effort in to escape your career-rut here are 5 simple steps to get your career heading in the right direction:-

1. Get Excited
What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail and there were no restrictions? What gets you excited? What are you passionate about? Take some time out to think about what really inspires and motivates you because it’s much easier to be successful in your career if you’re doing something you enjoy!

2. Be Nosy
Watch, question and read about the people you find inspiring. Talk to those who have done what you want to do, or achieved the things you would like to achieve – how did they do it? We have strategies for everything we do so ask some smart questions and start copying the people you admire.

3. Tell People…the RIGHT people!
It’s important to get your dreams, ambitions and aspirations out in the open to increase your commitment and drive, but it’s equally as important to talk to the right people. Only discuss your future with those who will support and encourage you. Pick your support team wisely.

4. Don’t Kid Yourself
We can all imagine what the perfect future would look like but on most occasions we simply choose to ignore it as the other options in our lives appear safer. The problem with safety is that it can bring us to a grinding halt. Stop ignoring your vision of the future and instead start to make it real. If you’ve dreamed of being an airline pilot how will you ever know what if feels like until you sit in the cockpit of a plane. It’s time to take that first lesson…

5. Be Responsible
Stop waiting for a lucky break or a lottery win! If this is your ideal future you need to show commitment to it. Once you’re truly committed you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll start to achieve.

So now it’s time to get writing…grab a pen and paper and scribble down your action points for each of the 5 top tips above. Enjoy being nosy, excited, and responsible!