Career Verses Calling – Is now a good time to answer yours…

For the most part many of us have been pursuing a career path out of necessity, rather than following one that closely matches our skills and abilities – usually referred to as our calling or vocation.

Many individuals think that if they follow a presumed career path for a number of years, that in itself is considered to be their career profession. Is there a difference, you ask? Aren’t they the same?

No… No… No…

Careers are those paths that we “choose, decide or prefer” to follow, while a Vocation or Calling is simply the path we take as our very own mission in this life. It is that concrete assignment or task that demands that we fulfil! Your life, with its Calling cannot be replaced nor repeated.

Everyone’s task is unique as your specific opportunity to implement it. Calling carries the connotation of a career path that one is drawn to, based on their specific skills and talents.

Many people are just not happy in the career path to which they have chosen. Lately, because of the condition of our economy, there have been vast downsizing’s and redundancies.

The economy has become difficult and frustrating, especially for those nearing retirement and those younger workers that have, in the past, chosen to follow a job that pays the bills, rather that a life-calling.

Consider this – This may be the best opportunity that you may experience in which to reposition yourself! Rather than seeing only what is before your physical eyes – experience something more.

See things in new ways. Discover your “Calling”. Many people because of necessity or family blueprints, have chosen to attain and continue in a career path that “met their immediate need at the time. (Like eating, having substance, pay the bills, etc..)

Now after many years as a “career professional”, we find ourselves needing to be inspired and needing to find a new channel.

For sure at this juncture in each of our lives, there now necessitates a re-awakening of those innate qualities and abilities that we each possess.

There can be a re-firing of what has been deposited inside us, and has been left untapped for many, many years!

Are you now ready to plan your future work around the life you really love? Start Now!