Interview etiquette… how to exhibit proper manners

Most job seekers believe that the minute they walk out of the door they have done their job in the pursuit on a new employment opportunity.

Statistically less than 1% of all individuals perform any kind of follow up after an interview. It is no wonder that many people have to go through numerous interviews before securing a position.

The truth is that if you asked anyone else to sit down with you to give you some of their time you would thank them profusely for their kindness.

Why is it that when individuals are looking for a job they assume that the employer owes them this time?

That is not the case. Instead, you should be grateful that you have been given the opportunity to sit down to meet with someone from the company in a one on one situation. It really is only polite to thank them for their time and the opportunity.

Tip Number 1: One of the best ways to show your gratitude is drawn from traditional etiquette. Simply hand writing a thank you note is a lovely gesture that shows that you have manners and that you appreciated the gift of your potential employer’s time. The note does not need to be long-winded or filled with flowery text.

Instead, use it as an opportunity to simply thank them for their time, convey what a pleasure it was to meet with them, and to re-confirm your interest in joining their organisation. Not only will your potential employer be pleasantly surprised to receive it, but it will also serve to bring your name back to the forefront of their mind.

Tip Number 2: Take care not to go overboard with the gratitude. You do not want to plague the office with phone calls or send gifts. Those things could be easily misconstrued. Instead, stick to keeping it simple, polished, and polite.

Tip Number 3: The truth is that no matter what you have done there is always a chance that you might not get the job, but the gesture of a thank you note will keep you fresh in the mind of the interviewer.

Perhaps they will keep you in mind for other positions at the company, or maybe they will even recommend you to a colleague.

No matter what, there are only good things that can come out of displaying good manners and genuine gratitude.