Beyond the Internet – Six additional strategies to uncover job opportunities

Many job seekers may use the internet to uncover job opportunities and this approach is and will continue to be a popular way to find job and career opportunities.

However, there are several additional strategies you should employ to boost your chances. Evaluate each strategy listed below and see if one or more of the tips can be used to help uncover a brand new job opportunity…

1) Look at opportunities in your local area. You may notice businesses that you have not considered potential places for employment. You may also find “coming soon” announcements, letting you know a new company is replacing a closed business. If you can walk to work, or only have to travel a short distance from home, you will have more time with your family and more time for yourself. Using this strategy successfully will also save on transport costs. This strategy works well for individuals looking at supplementing their income or for people entering or re-entering the workforce.

2) Consider temporary opportunities while you are job seeking. In my experience, I have observed this strategy as one of the most underused ways to find employment. Personally I have held at least one dozen temporary positions ranging from one day clerical assignments to professional opportunities that were over eighteen months in length. This is an excellent way to showcase and gain additional skills during your job search.

3) Read the business section of the newspaper. Look over the business section, even before you search the want ads. Do this everyday, if possible, but especially on Sunday. Look for articles that indicate that a company is expanding in your area and creating new jobs. For example if the article states that XYZ Company is adding 50 customer service representatives in your area, you should get in touch with the company immediately. Another great resource is the local business newspaper. Even if you or friend or family members do not have immediate access to this newspaper, your community library should have a copy. The local business newspaper will give you multiple articles on businesses that may be expanding in your area. The business announcement will be made long before any opportunities for jobs are listed in the classified section of the newspaper.

4) Check the paper for upcoming job fairs. An upcoming job fair might be listed in the business section or the classified section. It is also possible to find an upcoming job fair advertised in a special insert in the newspaper. Your community might also have a specialised newspaper devoted to employment. It is a good idea to check often so you can take advantage of another resource for uncovering job opportunities.

5) Keep in touch with former employers. Managers for whom you have worked often change companies. By keeping in touch you will add another possible avenue to uncover additional job opportunities. Often these individuals have access to the hidden job market. They may be aware of opportunities that have not been advertised. Their new employer may be looking for additional staff and this is another good resource for finding additional opportunities.

6) Let relatives, neighbours, friends and former colleagues know you are job hunting. This strategy works exactly the same way as the suggestion above. Your neighbours’ son may be hiring for XYZ Company. If you let everyone know you are searching for a job, you will have another chance to find out about opportunities that have not been advertised.

If your goal is to land a new job or make a career change, it is important to use as many strategies as possible to increase your success in finding available job openings.  If you consider temporary employment, you have a chance to earn additional income and learn new skills and showcase your existing skills to potential employers. Some job seekers may turn right to the classified ads to identify available jobs. However, the same newspaper can give you information on upcoming job fairs and local company expansions. Networking with former managers and relatives, neighbours, and friends can give you additional job opportunities to explore.