New survey shows social care as one of the worst industries for work-life balance

A new survey from CV-Library, has revealed that despite 96.7% of carer workers believing that work-life balance is important, one in four (40.5%) admit that they don’t have a good work-life balance themselves.  

The survey investigated how 1,200 workers in various industries across the UK felt about their work-life balance and whether it affected their career decisions. The results revealed that the care sector was one of the worst industries for work-life balance right now. The full list includes:  

  1. Leisure/Tourism (62.5%)
  2. Hospitality (54.5%)
  3. Customer Services (46.4%)
  4. Catering (41.7%)
  5. Social Care (40.5%)

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments: “Achieving a reasonable work-life balance nowadays is certainly challenging, especially if your employer is piling on the pressure and technology is enabling you to work from anywhere, at any time. These worrying results from the care sector prove how difficult it is to obtain a good work-life balance. So if you suffer from poor balance, consider what you can do to make it work: whether it’s approaching your boss about creating a sensible work schedule, or making a conscious effort to leave on time.”

With more carers looking to achieve a strong work-life balance, it’s not surprising that 97.3% said they’d be more likely to work for a company which encouraged this balance. 

In fact, over half (62.2%) claimed that they’ve left a job due to a poor work-life balance, with this being most predominant in the following industries:

  1. Legal (66.7%)
  2. Social Care (62.2%)
  3. Catering (61.1%)
  4. Education (59.6%)
  5. Hospitality (59.5%)

Biggins concludes: “Having a poor work-life balance is simply not sustainable. Even if you love your job, it will impact your ability to do it well and eventually something will have to give.  It’s worth sitting down and taking the time to find an employer who’ll add a bit of wellbeing to your life! After all, we spend a large portion of our time at work and it’s a business’ responsibility to do right by their employees.”