ACAS produce guidance to tackle religious or belief-based discrimination

New workplace guidance has been issued to help ensure businesses are following the law when managing staff who have a particular religion or belief.

The conciliation service Acas suggested that religion is not mentioned in job adverts, and that workers do not miss out on promotion opportunities because of religious observance.

Employers were also urged to be flexible on dress codes and to understand that fasting can affect performance.

Julie Dennis, of Acas, said: “Discriminating against someone due to their religion or belief is against the law.

“Employers need to ensure that their workplaces are inclusive and respectful of people’s beliefs, particularly in areas such as recruitment and annual leave.

“Our new free guidance for employers and employees explains what religion or belief discrimination is, how to avoid it and includes advice on what the law says about religious dress codes, fasting and time off for religious festivals or holidays.”

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