BASPCAN issue call for abstracts for Edinburgh Congress

The British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN) have issued a call for absracts for their 9th annual gathering to take place in Edinburgh next year.

The Congress aims to highlight the latest developments in research, practice and policy, and to identify how these can be utilised not only to protect children but also to enhance their general well-being.  

The event is being billed ‘New Directions in Child Protection and Wellbeing:making a real difference to children’s lives’ and Congress themes include;

  •     Innovations in prevention and early help
  •     Developments in knowledge and service delivery (education, health, the law, social care and the voluntary sector) around physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect
  •     Learning from victims and survivors
  •     New technology: threats to children, and its use in work with children and families
  •     Emerging forms of, and contexts for, child maltreatment (e.g. sexual exploitation, trafficking, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and conflict)
  •     Working with individuals and groups who present a risk to children
  •     Novel research designs and methods

The Congress is an opportunity to debate new directions in practice and share the latest findings from research, including small-scale research and learning from innovative practice developments.

As many of these developments are driven directly by the demands of practice, it is important that practitioners and practitioner/researchers attend the Congress as presenters as well as delegates.

There are many different ways of presenting your work in the Congress, including individual presentations, collections of themed presentations, workshops and interactive posters.

The call for abstracts is now open. By submitting an abstract you are providing the Committee with a brief summary of your research project, giving an overview of the purpose of your research, the methods used, the findings of the study and your recommendations and conclusions.

The Committee will review all the abstracts submitted to help them decide which papers are most relevant to the Congress.  If you think you have relevant research to present but are unfamiliar with the process of writing and submitting abstracts then advice and support may be available within your own agency or through an affiliated academic institute.

WithScotland ( operates in Scotland and supports child protection practice, policy and research as well as adult protection: Connecting research with practice; exchanging knowledge and ideas and coordinating activities across Child Protection Committees.

If you are working or studying in Scotland then WithScotland can provide advice and guidance on the preparation of an abstract for the BASPCAN congress.

To discuss further please contact Annette Webb (Research Coordinator) at [email protected] or telephone 01786 466320.

More information on the Call for Abstracts covering Guidance for Submitters, Presentation Types, Instructions for Submitters; and Symposium Submissions, email: [email protected]

For more details on the event and keynote speakers, visit: