Open Uni launch specialist resource for social workers

PePLE is a new resource for the training and continuing professional development of social workers that can be used with flexibility to fit in with the operational demands of workplaces. The resources can be used to support independent study or existing employer led provision.

About the PePLE project

This project was inspired by the work of tutors, academics and social work students on the Open University’s Social Work degree.

The University also develops innovative ways of engaging with employers as well as workplace-based learners and the idea for the site relates primarily to supporting learning in the workplace using innovative technology.

The development of the site during 2009/2010 was funded by the Practice-based Professional Learning Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and brings together expertise in the Institute of Educational Technology and the Faculty of Health and Social Care.

The focus of the project on learning from practice and making effective use of supervision exactly targets some of the key priorities for the future development of social work, identified in the Final Report of the Social Work Task Force in November 2009.

The video clips used in these activities are all real situations involving service users, social workers and managers. We are enormously grateful to everyone who has given permission for the use of this material as it is rare to be able to observe and learn with and from such rich and authentic practice. Some of the material originates from the BBC television series ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ produced together with the Open University and some is from more recent Open University course resources. Other material has been written specifically for this website.

Should you experience difficulties in using this site, please have a look at the Frequently asked questions below to see if any of these answer your query.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the site?
Access to this site is free but requires your employer to sign a licence for usage. This is downloadable on the link below so you can take a copy for signature to your line manager or the person identified by your organisation. A signed copy should then be sent either to the address below, or as an attachment to an email from your employer. If you wish to return the agreement by e-mail, it will need to include a scanned signature. Your employer will need to provide us with your email address so that we can then give you access to the site. Any other colleagues who want access can be listed as email addresses as well.

Can I use the site from home?
Yes the site is accessible using a web browser and the site address;

Do I have to pay to use the site?
The licence does not incur any maintence fees to be paid at present. Nor are there any immediate plans to introduce any maintenance fees. However the Open University reserve the right to introduce a maintenance fee structure (as may be developed and deemed necessary by the Open University) to ensure continuation of the service.

The Licensee will be given at least nine months notice regarding the introduction of a Maintenance Fee structure, during which time arrangements can be made for the Licensee to renew the Licence and subscribe to the maintenance fee structure or terminate the Licence Agreement.

I am leaving my employer. Do I need to do anything about my site access?
Yes. If you no longer wish to have access to the site, tell us and we will remove your e-mail address. If your new employer is a recognised social work organisation, and you would like to continue to have access to the site please take the licence agreement to your line manager who can arrange for the licence agreement to be signed. Your new e-mail address should be included on the form which you will find below. Other members of your new employing organisation can also use the site if their e-mail addresses are adde to the form.

If you are interested in using this website, or have any further questions, please contact Jean Gordon at the Open University in Scotland on 01381 621566, or email [email protected]