More healthcare professionals choosing e-learning

Health and social care workers develop at a faster rate through online training than traditional classroom courses, according to new research.

The survey of 1,000 employees from local health authorities and private social care organisations across the UK has found that an impressive 74 per cent prefer the online experience to more conventional training programmes. Of those surveyed, 71 per cent said it had a direct impact on their ability at work.

With a rise in the trend for fragmented workforces, many companies face a logistical challenge to ensure their employees receive adequate training for their roles.  Flexibility, self-directed learning and cheaper costs mean e-learning courses have become increasingly popular with employers and employees alike. 

The survey – carried out by Embrace-Learning, a leading developer and consultant in e-learning – revealed that 81 per cent would recommend their online experience to colleagues, with an additional 72 per cent claiming it gave them more confidence in dealing with issues on their subject.

At an average cost of £225 – excluding additional expenses such as venue hire, transport or time lost at work – traditional training courses can be a drain on finances. With e-learning courses available at a fraction of the price at around £25 per learner, this figure will be welcome news for those facing the burden of organising their company training, while cutting costs.

Mike Burke, Managing Director at Embrace-Learning, commented: “It’s quite common for companies to have employees who work in dispersed locations – from people working at home, through to multiple offices and travelling consultants.  The need to continually maintain high standards means it can be an uphill struggle to ensure all employees are trained to the appropriate level.

“Online courses provide businesses with a flexible option for training as they accommodate for self-directed learning ? widely regarded as the most effective way for adult learners to improve performance.  While classroom training is an important part of ‘blended learning’, the survey underlines the benefits of allowing employees to learn at their own pace in a location which is convenient for them.”

Embrace-Learning is a leading provider of comprehensive e-learning and ‘blended’ learning programmes.  It specialises in developing and delivering an extensive range of tailored and off-the-shelf online training modules, with particular expertise in the health and social care sectors.