CPD For Social Work In Northern Ireland

Continuing Professional Development for Social Work

As with all professions, qualified social workers must develop their skills and qualifications throughout their career to keep their practice current. It is a requirement of professional registration with the NISCC that all registrants complete 90 hours/15 days of training and learning within each three year registration period.

Post qualifying education and training in NI has been reviewed and a new Framework for PQ training will be introduced in April 2007. Social workers currently enrolled on the current PQ framework will be supported to complete their current awards until this programme closes in 2010. The new PQ training will be open to qualified social workers, registered with the NISCC. It is set at post graduate level and will take a modular approach to support horizontal and vertical progression.

For more information about PQ training, check out the list of accredited courses on the NI PQ Partnership website. If you would like to register for a PQ course, you should first discuss training opportunities and support with your employer/training officer and then contact the NI PQ Partnership to find out about registering for awards.

Click on one of the leaflets and reports listed below to find out more about professional development.

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