Toolkit: National Assessment and Accreditation System for social workers – Dept of Education

The Department of Education has produced a range of resources for National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) leads, child and family social work practitioners and practice supervisors to help them prepare for the assessment and practice endorsement.

These materials have been produced with social workers to help:

  • NAAS leads explain what the programme is
  • practitioners and supervisors prepare for the assessment

You can either:

  • follow all the stages in the toolkit
  • use the tools as stand-alone materials

Step 1: Explaining NAAS to social workers

This guidance will be useful for employers or NAAS leads looking to recruit social workers. Social workers can use this section to decide whether they want to take the assessment.

Step 2: Communications

Advice and resources for NAAS leads to explain the assessment and keep social workers engaged.

  1. NAAS communications materials

Step 3: Practice endorsement

This section will help NAAS leads decide when social workers are ready to take the assessment, also known as practice endorsement. The case studies explore the different approaches local authorities are using to practice endorse their social workers.

Step 4: Assessment

Guidance and example questions to help social workers prepare for the assessment, including what to expect at the assessment centre.

  1. NAAS assessment day
  2. Prepare for the NAAS assessment
  3. NAAS knowledge assessment: example questions
  4. NAAS simulated practice assessment: examples