Care Council update resources for Early Years and Childcare sector in Wales

Following major legislative changes in Wales over the last five years, the Care Council for Wales (CCW) have announced they have updated three Early years and Childcare resources to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose.

Recruiting Well, Inducting Well and Supervising/ Appraising Well – See more at:

Employers are now being encouraged to use ‘Recruiting Well‘, ‘Inducting Well‘ and ‘Supervising/ Appraising Well‘ to help address recruitment and retention issues within the sector.

As well as these updated guides, CCW have also launched a brand new resource which aims to improve outcomes for children in Wales by continually raising standards and skills and promoting early years and childcare as careers of choice.

Developed at the request of Welsh Government,CPD Principles for the Early Years and Childcare Workforce in Wales‘, will assist both employers and employees to plan and implement continuous learning and development.

It provides examples of less obvious methods of learning and improvement, including observing colleagues, reading relevant articles and publications and learning from others at team meetings, to highlight that traditional classroom learning is not the sole way to develop knowledge, understanding and skills.

To support these resources, CCW has also created a dedicated Facebook page for early years and childcare news and updates. This and other resource links are as follows: