Cardiff care home manager lied about drink-drive conviction

Cardiff care home manager lied about drink-drive conviction 2

A Cardiff adult care home manager has been reprimanded by a Care Council Conduct Committee for lying about a drink-driving conviction.

Elizabeth Amy Davies, formerly employed in the Cardiff area, failed uphold professional standards of the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers requiring practitioners to communicate in an open, straight forward way and be honest and trustworthy.

During the hearing the Committee, was presented with evidence that the registrant had provided false information about being dismissed from a previous job, and a drink-driving conviction to further her application as a registered care home manager with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales.

Ms Davies, who did not attending the hearing, sent an e-mail to the Care Council admitting her wrong-doing in her conviction for drink-driving.

In considering its decision the Committee took into account that they heard no evidence other than that she was a competent worker.

In reaching its decision the Committee noted that there was no evidence to support that registrant was willing to accept that she should’ve behaved differently and that the incidences took place while undertaking her professional duties.

As a result of the Committee’s decision Ms Davies will be able to continue working as an adult care home manager but will have a mark, or admonishment, against her name for two year.

The Care Council is the social care workforce regulator in Wales. By registering with the Care Council, practitioners and social work students are accountable for their conduct and practice.

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