Role of domiciliary care managers ‘profiled’ in Wales

Role of domiciliary care managers 'profiled' in Wales 2

Domiciliary care managers in Wales are likely to be female, experienced professionals working in the private sector and providing services for older people.

These are among the main characteristics of domiciliary care managers registered in Wales according to the latest analysis of data by the Care Council.

In a first profile of this workforce, for which registration with the Care Council became mandatory in February 2013, data from the Register of Social Care Workers shows that all the managers are qualified. They also make up a workforce that is mature, with 56 per cent aged between 46 and 60, and only 10 per cent 35-years-old and under. Overall, 79 per cent are over 40.

Data indicates the workforce is relatively experienced, with 27 per cent having been in the same job for more than 10 years. Although 30 per cent had been in post for three years or less, 55 per cent had been in the same job for more than five years.

The private sector is by far the largest employer, accounting for almost 60 per cent of domiciliary care managers in Wales, with local authorities and voluntary bodies employing around 20 per cent each.

Women outnumber men by a ratio of four to one and most domiciliary care managers work with older people, including those with learning, mental or physical disabilities. In contrast, domiciliary care managers supporting children and families are in a small minority, accounting for only 3.1 per cent of all practitioners in this group.

Gerry Evans, Care Council Director of Regulation and Professional Standards, said: “While this workforce is qualified and has a relatively low turnover, the older age profile of the domiciliary care managers means we have a challenge to ensure there will be enough new recruits entering the profession in future to meet the needs of those using services. 

“A similar situation exists among adult care home managers in Wales. It is also important to ensure managers move beyond minimum qualifications and are given opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to lead in the provision of high-quality services. To address this, the Care Council is considering the requirements for a continuing professional development framework for managers.”

The full profile of domiciliary care managers in Wales is available here:

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