Over 10,000 care workers register in Wales

Over 10,000 registrants and signatories have now created a MyCareCouncil account, according to figures released by the Care Council for Wales.

MyCareCouncil aims to lessen the bureaucracy of registration making it easier for applicants to cut through the red tape.

Although MyCareCouncil has been running for a year and is still developing, a recent survey showed:

  •     2,670 registrants have applied to renew registration of which 82% used MyCareCouncil
  •     and applications are now mostly online too (81%).

Everyone on the Register will have shown that they are suitable for work in social care by satisfying that they:

  •     have the necessary qualifications
  •     are physically and mentally fit
  •     are of good character
  •     agree to comply with our Code of Practice for Social Care Workers

The Register was established under the Care Standards Act 2000 aiming to make sure that all social workers and social care workers are suitable for work in social care.

The Register also attempts to put social care workers on a similar footing to other public service professions, such as medicine and teaching.