CSSIW launches its National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board will give a stronger voice to citizens and stakeholders in our work and provide us with advice and recommendations on how we can improve care and social services in Wales.

Speaking about the National Advisory Board Imelda Richardson said:”The appointed members of our new National Advisory Board will represent the ‘voice’ of families, relatives, carers and service users but also the views of all stakeholders involved in care and social services.

“The board members will be given the opportunity of getting more involved in our work and will provide us with the specialist knowledge and insight into care and social services whilst also providing a critical oversight of our work. This will allow us to make sure that we meet our aims and deliver positive outcomes for people.

“This is a key element of our Participation Plan, developing and sustaining a citizen led organisation that drives progress and supports the Welsh Government’s vision for sustainable social services across Wales.

The new members met for the first time at an induction day on 10 February.