BASW Cymru sees “no need to take on the regulatory role”

BASW Cymru has clarifed any potential misunderstandings in Wales regarding its current and future role in relation to its key and unique position in representing the social work profession.

Robin Moulster, Country Manager at BASW Cymru, said: “Irrespective of current and future developments across other parts of the UK, BASW Cymru sees no need to take on the regulatory role for the social work profession in Wales. We would not wish to challenge or change the role of the Care Council for Wales on this issue, and we would want to continue to work positively with them on all regulatory and development issues that affect the social work profession.

“Furthermore, BASW Cymru believes that there would be a potential conflict of interests for any regulator purporting to represent the profession that they are regulating.

“BASW Cymru is the only professional association for social work and social workers in Wales. We are independently funded from members subscriptions. We will work with and challenge other stakeholders, in order to achieve the best conditions for social work and social workers, in line with our Code of Ethics, to provide the most effective support and services for the most vulnerable people in our communities.”