Monmouthshire care worker struck off over marijuana

A care worker from Monmouthshire has been struck off after using marijuana while on duty, the Care Council for Wales has confirmed.

Leighton Maxwell Rosser, who worked for Greenfields Adolescent Development Ltd in Usk, was found guilty of misconduct at a hearing in Cardiff.

The Care Council heard he had taken the drug before driving a teenager in care back from a concert in Bristol.

Mr Rosser can no longer practice as a children’s care worker in Wales.

A conduct committee acting for the Care Council on Wednesday heard Mr Rosser breached the social care workers’ code of practice when he took marijuana while accompanying the youth, 16, and his girlfriend, also 16, on the trip.

He then drove the teenager back from Bristol and attended a residential care home while under the influence of drugs.

The committee found Mr Rosser had used marijuana while on duty and had previously received a police caution for the possession of cannabis in 2003.

It decided his drug use “could have had potential consequences for service users, members of the public, and for the registrant himself”.

A spokesperson said: “We have a duty to maintain confidence in social care services and it is within the public interest to send a clear message that such misconduct requires appropriate sanction.”