Two Welsh AMs temporarily disqualified on technicality

Two members of the Welsh assembly have been temporarily disqualified from their positions on a technicality.

Liberal Democrats John Dixon and Aled Roberts have had to step down as it emerged they were members of organisations the law does not allow AMs to be part of.

They have now resigned from the Care Council for Wales and the Valuation Tribunal for Wales.

The pair expect to be readmitted to the assembly following a vote on Wednesday.

Under the National Assembly Disqualification Order 2011, AMs are not permitted to be members of certain organisations to avoid conflicts of interest.

A spokesperson for the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: “Two assembly members had positions with outside bodies which technically disqualified them from taking up their position as assembly members.

“Aled Roberts has resigned his position with the Valuation Tribunal for Wales whilst John Dixon has resigned from his position with the Care Council for Wales.

“However, both were members of these organisations at the time of their election.

“This issue will be resolved with a resolution of the assembly, which is likely to be passed with cross-party support.”

Both AMs have already announced their intention to step down from local council roles following their election to the assembly on the regional lists.

Aled Roberts, representing North Wales, was leader of Wrexham council, while John Dixon, serving South Wales Central, will give up his position as executive member for health, social care and wellbeing on Cardiff council.