Welsh service delivery review claims arrangements are too complex

A review of local authority service delivery in Wales has concluded that arrangements are often too complex.

The study, undertaken by Joe Simpson from the Local Government Leadership Centre, also stated replicating functions and services 22 times creates ‘unnecessary duplication and is of questionable value’.

Mr Simpson was commissioned to undertake the report by local government minister Carl Sargeant last September.

It followed a study by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and his own discussions with front line workers and service providers.

Mr Sargeant said: ‘It is clear that citizens are not getting the best service that we can offer at the lowest cost.

‘Within the wider context of our drive to improve public services across Wales, we must look at new ways of organising local authority services and working together.’

The news comes at the same time as the Assembly preparing reports on the two largest functions of local authorities in Wales – education and social services.

An Independent Commission has considered the future of social services and an independent task group set up to review education structures is also reporting back.

‘Once again, the Simpson Review is not about reorganising local government or amalgamating local authorities. It is about better patterns of service delivery that will allow us to target the delivery of services towards citizens and to do this at the most appropriate level – whether that is at local, regional or national level. ‘ Mr Sargeant added.