£2 million to support Autistic Spectrum sufferers

Gwenda Thomas, the Deputy Minister for Social Services, has announced a funding package of £2 million to support children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for 2011.

This funding will continue to secure Wales’ place as a world leader in ASD work and will maintain the momentum initiated by the ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales. Since the Action Plan was launched, much has been achieved in raising the awareness of this condition and in improving the lives of both children and adults with ASD. However more needs to be done and this funding will allow new and innovative projects to be established across Wales.

These include:Develop a pre/post diagnostic service for children with ASD; Develop an adult diagnostic and counselling service;

Support a series of new regional projects to offer practical help to individuals and families across Wales;

Develop regional monitoring and support for adults with Aspergers Syndrome;

Set up an ASD Learning and Improvement Network and an ASD e-learning resource.

Gwenda Thomas said:“I am delighted to announce this £2 million funding package, as it will support and improve a range of services for children and adults with ASD, their families and carers.

“This money will make a real difference to the lives of all those affected by ASD, it will improve diagnostic provision, employment opportunities and widen the range of services available, consistently, across Wales. I feel the Welsh Assembly Government is continuing to contribute positively to those who live their lives with ASD.”