Elderly forced to leave care homes, say Llanelli campaigners

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save two council-run residential care homes in Llanelli have attacked the council, claiming it is exerting “undue pressure” on elderly people to leave their homes.

Residents Against Care Home Closures (RACHC) believes there is “a deliberate policy” by Carmarthenshire Council to remove all the residents, thus closing the homes by stealth.

RACHC secretary Stephanie Williams said: “The continuous pressure being put on the residents by the council is totally unacceptable.

“With the season of good will fast approaching, it would be nice if the council could show some good will to the residents and let them enjoy Christmas in peace.”

She spoke out after two people moved from St Paul’s in Llanelli.

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales’s head of review, examination and policy Alun Thomas said: “The situation in Carmarthenshire has raised concerns about the large-scale changes proposed by the local authority and the effect this could have on current residents. There is also concern about the future of residential provision in the area.”

Mr Thomas added: “We understand one concern of RACHC is that the local authority appears to be biased towards closure, even before any consultation has been completed, and this is unlikely to change. I share your concerns in this respect.”

Carmarthenshire’s social services chief, Bruce McLernon, said: “We don’t move people against their will.

“All the options will be presented to council for the members to make a decision.

“Officers have a particular view, but at the end of the day it’s for the members to take that decision based on the evidence presented to them.”

One elderly resident at Caemaen, Marie James, 93, said: “I am the daughter of a soldier and a soldier’s widow.

“I believe I deserve the right to stay in my home.”