Launch of Ceridigion mental health plan

The strategic launch of the Ceredigion Emotional and Mental Health Promotion Action Plan 2010-2013 has taken place at the National Library for Wales, Aberystwyth.

The action plan was officially launched by Janet Hawes, vice chairman of Hywel Dda Health Board and was attended by members of Ceredigion County Council, CAMHS, Hywel Dda Health Board, Public Health Wales, Mind and representatives for carers and the voluntary sector.

The development of the plan was facilitated by the Local Public Health Team based in Ceredigion and started with an Open Space Technology (OST) event, where attendees were given the opportunity to express their views and thoughts on how good emotional and mental health could be promoted in Ceredigion.

Following this, a task and finish group was set up to continue the process of developing the plan.

The main purpose of the plan is educational, to increase understanding within Ceredigion of emotional and mental health. The plan aims to:

  • promote good emotional and mental health for all;
  • combat discrimination against individuals and groups with mental health problems
  • promote social inclusion.

During the launch, attendees were given jigsaw pieces stating the evidence based actions which their organisation was responsible for delivering.

Their task was to place the jigsaw pieces in the correct frame, under the correct theme, with the themes being whole population; mental health literacy; parenting and early years; children and young people; older people; workplace; communities; health and social care.

Following completion of the jigsaw, attendees could see a visual representation of the action plan which illustrated the need for and the importance of partnership working in order for the plan to fulfil its purpose.

Finally, those who attended were given the opportunity to look and think about their own emotional and mental health.

Attendees were introduced to the Mental Health Foundation’s 10 positive steps towards achieving and maintaining positive emotional and mental health and were asked to write on a stone what they either already do or will do to improve and maintain their emotional and mental health.

All were then encouraged to take their individualised stone away with them and place in a prominent place to remind them the importance of their own emotional and mental health on a daily basis. What would you put on your stone?

For more information on the action plan, please contact Geinor Jones, Senior Public Health Specialist at Ceredigion Public Health Team, on 01570 423957