Swansea Council announces 5% increase in Foster Carers’ Allowance

SWANSEA Council has boosted payments to foster carers to ensure rising numbers of children who come into care are found stable, nurturing and caring family environments.

The local authority’s Foster Swansea carers are receiving a five per cent increase in allowances.

The move is part of investment in recruitment and retention aimed at ensuring as many looked after children as possible are found a family home close to home.

It follows consultation with carers on training, support, partnership working and money matters.

The local authority needs to keep its quality current carers and boost their ranks to ensure that the rising numbers of children who come into care are found stable, nurturing and caring family environments.

There are currently 587 looked after children in Swansea, the vast majority of whom are placed in Foster care.

Placing those children with Foster Swansea carers will reduce the need for more costly private fostering, out of county or residential home placements, enabling more youngsters to be looked after in family units closer to home.

The Council is undergoing a major recruitment drive which asks people, to Make a World of Difference …Foster which has attracted record levels of interest in foster care.

Swansea Council Cabinet member for social services Cllr Nick Tregoning said: “Swansea Council’s Child and Family Services is not only investing in better recruitment but also more effective retention and training in its foster carers to ensure that the rising number of children who come into care are found a stable, nurturing, and caring family environment, to help them face their futures positively.

“Foster Swansea regularly reviews the service and support offered to foster carers and consults with carers on issues such as training, support, partnership working and money matters.

“As a result of a recent consultation, the service decided to increase the fostering allowances carers receive.”

Kelly Harsant, Business Development Officer at Foster Swansea commented, “Our foster carers are highly valued and appreciated for the help and support they give to so many vulnerable children.

“In recognition of this, we have increased the fostering allowances provided to carers and are currently reviewing all elements of the financial package on offer to Foster Swansea carers.”

Donna Houlston, team leader at Foster Swansea commented, “All of our foster carers provide a vital and excellent service to the growing looked after children population of Swansea. When placing children with a foster family we recognise the financial needs of both the carer and the child.

“Not only do we pay an allowance for the child but we pay an additional allowance in recognition of the carer’s skills. We also pay for individual hobbies and interests that the child in placement might have, so they don’t miss out. Ultimately, we aim to ensure the best interests of the child are met at all times”.