Criminal record checks not carried out at Anglesey social services

CRIMINALS could have been left working with vulnerable adults and children after it emerged a council failed to carry out criminal record checks on social services staff.

An investigation was launched by Anglesey County Council after it was discovered that the criminal records of more than 100 home care staff had not been checked.

The front-line workers visit children and vulnerable adults on the island sparking concerns about the potential risks to the clients who rely on the staff.

An officer has been suspended while the probe is carried out within the social services department of the council.

Checks on staff have now been undertaken.

An Anglesey County Council spokesperson said: “Alleged breaches of the Council’s disciplinary code are currently being investigated.

“We are entirely satisfied, however, that this possible breach has not had an adverse affect on service provision, which remains compliant.”

But a council source said it was concerning that these checks were not carried out over a period of months.

They told the Daily Post: “It is shocking that these staff were able to work without having these checks carried out.

“The home carers are going out to the most vulnerable people in the community, both young and old, every check should have been made to ensure they did not have criminal records. For all the council knew these staff could have done.

“They need to find out why they (the checks) weren’t done on these staff and make sure this never happens again.”

Enhanced criminal record checks are required for those working in jobs involving children or vulnerable adults.

The checks that are carried out look for any convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings held in England and Wales on the Police National Computer.

Relevant convictions in Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be included.

They will also check any locally held police force information considered relevant to the job role by chief police officers.

The source said: “They are vitally important for anyone involved in work of this nature.”