No decision yet on how we pay for social care in Wales

OPTIONS for how people in Wales pay for social care have yet to be developed. The results of consultation on Green Paper proposals are expected shortly.

After the White Paper was published in Westminster yesterday, Gwenda Thomas, the Assembly Government’s Deputy Minister for Social Services, said: “Given that much of the social care legislation is on an England and Wales basis, it will be essential that we continue working with the UK Government to establish a new system of paying for care that is fair, affordable, and sustainable in the long term.

“We have recently completed consultation on our Green Paper and I will be publishing the results of that consultation shortly.

“It will be particularly important that the results of that consultation, and further reactions from Welsh stakeholders, are considered during the consultation on the White Paper.

“The White Paper proposes a staged approach to reform, moving eventually to a comprehensive system paid for through inheritance tax.

“The funding issues are to be considered by a newly established commission, which will seek to build cross-party consensus about the best approach to adopt. This would not conclude before 2015.”