Carmarthenshire Social Care Change ‘A Success’

CHANGES to home care services have led to another 600 hours of care a week being provided for vulnerable people in Carmarthenshire, the county council has announced.

A spokeswoman said many more were receiving help and support in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the modernisation of social services.

This involved using the independent sector more in order to provide more services for the same money.

She added the changes had been brought in to meet increasing demand from an ageing population and to provide a value-for-money service, and are in line with other authorities across Wales.

Social Care executive board member Cllr Kevin Madge said he was delighted that the changes were already being so successful.

“Advances in medicine and demographics mean that we are caring for more and more people each year,” he commented.

“As an authority we continue to evolve our services and make best use of resources in order to provide for our residents.

“Sometimes the decisions we have to make are not popular, but as in this case, it is already proving to be successful and enabling us to provide more care for those people who need it.”