Wrexham Officials Oppose £3M Dementia Centre

Wrexham councillors have been advised to turn down plans for a new £3m centre for people with dementia.

Planning officials have recommended the Pendine Park care homes project in Summerhill does not go ahead because it is in the town’s green barrier.

One woman, Maureen Moppett, whose husband Ken suffers from dementia, claims the site should be a special case because there was a “huge need”.

Councillors will visit the site at 1400 GMT before making a final decision.

The number of people with dementia is increasing, and in Wrexham the number of sufferers aged 75 and over is expected to increase 60% by 2021.

Mrs Moppett, from Gresford, said her husband Ken, a 63-year-old retired sales representative, no longer recognised her.

She added: “It’s like being widowed, but you’re not a widow.

“You haven’t got your husband because in a way he’s gone, but he’s still there.

“He doesn’t know me now, he doesn’t know I’m his wife. He doesn’t even recognise my face.”

Mrs Moppett said her husband had been cared for at the Cae Bryn Nursing Home for more than four years, which is part of the Pendine Park Group.

She said a new centre was needed to cater for individuals’ needs.

She added: “They will put people with younger dementia together, they will put people who need a lot more care together and people who can walk around and can do certain things will be together.

“There is a big need for this development. The idea is that there will be en-suites in all the bedrooms and more private facilities. People with dementia deserve the best possible care.”

Pendine Park proprietor Mario Kreft said demand for services was increasing, and the centre needed to expand.

He added: “Our aim is to put Wrexham on the map as the centre that provides the highest quality dementia services in Wales.”

The project has also been previously backed by Wrexham MP Ian Lucas and local AM Lesley Griffiths.

Under the proposals, the centre would include 64 bedrooms and 12 day rooms, as well as a treatment room and reception area.

It is thought the project would employ 40 additional staff.

A report by planners submitted to Wrexham Council earlier this month recommended that the centre be refused planning permission.

The report said: “It is considered that there is not sufficient justification to permit further enroachment into the open countryside and into a green barrier.”

Officers said the proposal contravened several of the council’s policies. A decision will be made later on Friday.