Drugs Operation Shuts Swansea Crack House

The latest crackdown on the drugs scourge afflicting Swansea housing estates has seen the issue of a crack house closure order.It has led to the house being closed up and all entry barred for three months.

The get-tough policy follows complaints of anti-social behaviour and suspected drug dealing.

Such problems have been reported to police on an almost daily basis.

Over a period of three months, police had executed a number of drugs warrants.

The problems caused by the activities of those at the house led to Swansea magistrates granting a closure order. The order prevents anyone from entering the property without police permission for a period of three months.

Anyone breaching the order would be liable to arrest.

The move results from a partnership approach in dealing with such problems, involving Swansea Council, the police and other agencies.

Agencies are working together to support people who wish to quit their drugs dependency and change their lifestyles.

However, tougher enforcement action is sought where hardcore minorities refuse to accept the support on offer and continue to cause problems for neighbours.

A sharing of information between police and the various agencies has led to a series of enforcement actions including the issue of a number of possession orders.

The council’s neighbourhood support unit has provided effective witness support, including alarms, a 24-hour response service and surveillance measures to gather evidence.

Where individuals have been visiting areas to buy and use drugs, injunctions with powers of arrest have been obtained and those individuals have been excluded from specified areas.

“We will continue to work with the local community in order to stamp out anti-social behaviour, to help make a safer environment,” said a police spokesman.

A housing department spokeswoman said: “Swansea Council is committed to ensuring our tenants enjoy a quality of life and are not subjected to the extreme behaviour exhibited by a small minority of individuals.

“Our officers will work with other agencies to use all the enforcement tools at our disposal to ensure that anti-social behaviour or activities of this nature are not tolerated.

“The latest closure order is an example of what is being achieved through the close collaborative working of the Safer Swansea Partnership.”